On Saturday 13 June we expected to be performing in All Saints Kingston. Instead, we concluded a virtual concert with a virtual choir recording of

Victoria's motet O Quam Gloriosum.


The recording was masterminded by Music Director Harry Bradford, with input from Accompanist James Orford and a number of soloists willing to work together remotely. Together they created individual part tracks plus a full SATB track, with accompaniment, which we could use to practise alone as well as for our weekly online rehearsals. But then we were on our own: using one of the rehearsal tracks played through headphones while we recorded ourselves singing, using a phone or pad. For some of us it was a chastening experience, being used to listening to our neighbours, rather than effectively singing solo! "What you miss is being in a room with lots of other people, making a big sound; having a big body of others around you, and learning from one another," says Alto Annie Dobell."

One thing all Choir members can agree on: the most amazing personal commitment that Harry and James have given to this process. "

They are absolutely extraordinary; incredibly well trained, good at what they do, and their enthusiasm is infectious", says Soprano Jane Fletcher.ane Fletcher.